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Stingray Lubricants is a company manufacturing lubricants & greases in United Arab Emirates with a brand name called Stingray.

We provide our customers superior quality products coupled with competitive prices and outstanding after sales services. Stingray is distributed to many customers and organizations in different countries around the globe. We are producing lubricants & Read more

1 Motor Engine Oil 2 Diesel Engine Oil 3 Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 Brake Fluid

Motor Engine Oil

Stingray Synergy Motor Engine Oil is a multi-use, premium synthetic lubricant for applications that require or benefit from higher viscosity oil. It is recommended for air and liquid cooled, large or small gasoline engines, transmissions and chaincase applications.

Diesel Engine Oil

Recommended for use in high performance diesel applications including the latest turbo-charged low emission engines operating in both high speed/high load, short haul pick-up/delivery and severe low speed/heavy load conditions. Also recommended for use in high performance gasoline engines and mixed fleet operators.

Auto. Transmission fluid

It is suitable for the application in automatic transmissions and power steering of vehicles. Beyond that it also can be used in the industrial section as power transmission and lubricating oil where DEXRON lubricants are recommended.

Brake Fluid

It is suitable for all disc, drum and anti-skid braking systems used in average to high performance vehicles requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4 level performance.